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Are You A Zombie?

  • Don't be so mean! How would you feel if someone called your existence pointless! I don't really like his music but I kind of feel bad for the poor guy! Give him a break what has he ever done you? Purify your soul!

  • Seriously there was a bunch of these.

  • No... You are a pointless invention... To put it in pro terms... A sheep.. And also, the term hater is another pointless invention. Why can't we hate Justin? Is he immune to the hate? Well I have news for you Gutless Ann.No one, and I repeat NO ONE is immune to hate. So please, if you don't want us to badmouth you're God (or Goddess if you will) then don't post stupid 2nd grade grammar excuse for a retort... Because believe me... if he was a pointless invention, then he would be on the list...

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!