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Are You A Zombie?

  • OMG 7billion people hasnt giving a thumbs up! :o

  • he does just 10% of the music... (the other 90% are auto tune ) THE BOY CANT SING!!!

  • The business loans suppose to be essential for people, which are willing to start their own company. In fact, that is not very hard to receive a collateral loan.

  • This is one of the worst inventions ever.

  • give this man a medal

  • Actually Justin Bieber is useful for many things, like target practice.

  • I have a strong feeling that if anyone in the world sees Justin Beiber's balls, they will instantly pass out.

  • justin bieber should suck my balls

  • what if Justin Bieber liked ur post???

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!