a machine that keeps downing on Justin Beiber constantly due to inability to think of anything ACTUALLY funny

Taco Bell "money savers edition" Eh? El containo el real meato de burro hay hay hay! y el Chiguagua ay au au au mata no! No el Afraido of el tryo el meato de misterio! AYAYAYAYAY! Not even we knows who it is! Dog, Donkey, "accidental", fresh wild cat straight from the streets, what more can you wish for (with your salary eh? Know what I mean?) dog-crap for the children, they wont notice, its the same shit everyone gets at McDonalds anyways! I mean okay they serve horsecrap but whats the difference anyways? Morales: Chicken of the cave and chicken of the ground available at half price if you have watched a certain sequAl.

Family strip poker! Surprises for the whole family as b0ners and wet panties turn everywhere! Ever wondered if your mother likes your big manhood? Wonder no more! Ever wondered what can happen if your father suddenly ends up naked and you start thinking about that hot girl you met yesterday? Could there be a good reason to why your sisters looong hugs feel as she is rubbing against you? Discover now! Does your grandma still have the "natural wetness?" DISCOVER! LEARN! EXPERIENCE! AND REMEMBER! THE FIRST GUY TO PREC0M OR THE FIRST FEMALE WHO`S LEGS GET WET... LOSES! INVITE YOUR GRANDPARENTS TO A GAME THEY MIGHT FINALLY BEAT YOU AT! Because you always secretly wanted them to beat you hard right?! ;) GET CLOSER TO YOUR FAMILY TODAY! Moral DISCLAIMER: We at ToysAreus, take no responsibility for STD`s and unwanted pregnancies! GUARANTEED FUN!


A urinal for women

A secretary goldfish



A wheel-chair with a magnetic pull to swimming pools


A environment friendly sun-charging remote control that takes too long to charge for each channel in order to channel surf during the commercials. Moral: Screw the rainforest! All three remaining trees of it!

Pokemon Seizure: The motion picture.

Cordless skipping rope !

S**t flavored toothpaste.

Inflatable dart-board

airbag with bicycle pump

School for the retarded .


a machine that doesn't point

Censored porn

XBOX 360 Elite, any other Xbox or Microsoft Product.

Whoever is reading this

A cloning machine that only does one body part at a time.

Sugar free sugar.

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!