drum sticks for pianos

justin bieber...

Peanut free Peanut butter

Submarine windshield wiper

A pocket-watch that recorded the temperature of your pocket and announced it every 30 minutes.

explosive cigarettes

Rap music.


Paper Umbrella

A warning alarm that tells you to "Stay Calm".

having a cell phone with access to your favourite social networking pages that you use to keep in touch with the same people on your cell phone

solar powered flashlight


A hammer sharpener

Music TeleVision we could market it as M-...TV... And then never actually play music... MMWWAA..HA..HA..HA..HA

A learning sign language book written in braille.

eject button on a remote, still need to get up and change the disc


Powdered water (because we all know water isn't completely pure H2O)


A machine that turns water into Poo


Strap-on vaginas for men. They exist.

A lamp with no bulb, so you can read in the dark.

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!