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  • its actually so true, if religion hadn't been invented, then science and all things stemming from it would be much further advanced than current because it would not have been suppressed, and we might actually have cures for AIDS and cancer now

  • Dude, that's just really offensive. Not cool.

  • This post on religion was just really pointless and obviously made just to be insensitive. What makes Pointless Inventions cool is that there aren't supposed to be sincere attempts to insult religion, polotics, sexual orientations, etc.

  • wow.. people take this serious... u_u sigh...

  • Watch "Why I hate religion, but love Jesus" You're mind will be changed.

  • *sigh* I dont want to look like an ass but honestly, are you saying that the law was not constructed out of the foundations laid out by Religion? T_T

  • To whoever posted this, I love you

  • Actually, religion was not a major component of most wars, and saying that it was makes you sound like an uneducated tool. Most wars boil down to one of three things: Money, Land or Freedom

  • The people, not the religion, that created wars. Religion is here to help, to do good. It doesn't fail. We fail its purpose. Think about it. It's not supposed to start wars. This world is full of people that want to insult the faith of others. A faith that holds them up towards a spiritually good life. Athiests can go believe what they want. But it doesn't give them the right to downgrade something good. :)

  • if you think religions is pointless then don't say OMG, OMFG, or GO TO HELL cause that makes you retarded then

  • If you insult atheism on this site, you get 23 dislikes. If you insult religion, you get 272 dislikes. And all of you say that this guy is being a jerk.

  • Trolls making people mad... No way. But I do agree

  • u bunch of idiots were do u go when u die u stupid bloody dum ass

  • yeah it seems like the religious ones are the assholes. i love being atheist

  • "With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion." ~ Steven Weinberg. Essentially, religion is pointless because good people will do good regardless of how crazy your religion is.

  • U suck

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