non stick stickytape,it will never catch on!

Q: Whats worse than a dead baby in a bag? A: Please just make my hamburger.


air conditioned condom

Gay Porn

A free coupon for a free coupon

Mexican Border (They always get in)

Mexican Border (They always get in)

belly button inverter ray gun.

Solar powered flashlight?

A pen that can only write on underwear.

a robot made out of guns shooting a gun that shoots guns shooting more guns at a airplane made out of guns

See-Through blindfold

This site.

Pedal-powered wheelchair.

The democratic party

a boomerang grenade

:D Hahahahahahaha! Thumb me down already, helps me keep count on how many people without guts there are out there, and so far I am surprised at how few pieces of shit there are out there... it cant be right, there has to be more! So keep thumbing down so I can keep count of you. ;) Moral: Another victory this day, moral man wins anyway, so the day I dont get my way? Pray...

British dentists.

Rocket launcher silencer

Braille owner's manual for an automobile

Battery Powered Battery Charger

The kinder egg 3 in one "infomercial: You get 3 surprises in one egg! You get chocolate! You get a surprise! And a toy! Moral: I dont care about the damn toy... (the chocolate is delicious though), but where the hell is my surprise? Better commercial: You get 100 surprises in one egg! You get an egg! You get chocolate! You get white chocolate! You get a nice wrapper to keep your oh... you already ate your kinder egg... never mind... You get a yellow container! You get a paper with instructions inside! You get the experience of buying a kinder egg! You get a cheaper uglier toy every time you buy a egg! You get etc etc. Now at least a commercial like that would be a surprise on its own...

Non lethal bullets

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!