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Are You A Zombie?

  • The ejection seat does exist for helicopters. And how is this sad? Let's see how you feel when a guided missile is flying towards you at 700 miles per hour.

  • ?we are goin down! eject!? bbbbbzzzzzzzzrrrrrrr copilot: whats that shredding sound

  • Ummm, I think that kinda might be incorrect: For improved pilot survivability the Ka-50 is fitted with a NPP Zvezda (transl. Star) K-37-800 ejection seat, which is a rare feature for a helicopter.[17] Before the rocket in the ejection seat deploys, the rotor blades are blown away by explosive charges in the rotor disc and the canopy is jettisoned.

  • i hate to spoil the fun here: it exist alright... first the blades from the propellor are unlocked and they go sideways, shortly after that the pilot is ejected in a normal way. sad but true.

  • ... i found this pointless invention in my joke book from when i was little... i also found waterproof teabags -.- great originality

  • just so you know there are ejection seats on helichopters, but they go sideways

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