What's worse than Juggy Brotelstein (pronounce manuel) album Nothing.... Not even the Holocaust

2 inch extension cord

Quaker extremist

decaffeinated coffee

A windshield froster (as opposed to a defroster)


fake batteries

Tree friendly chainsaws.

Solar Powered Flashlight


A glass hammer.

An apple-making factory.

naw instead of no

miley cyrus justin bieber jonas brothers rebecca black twilight high school musical


A flat ladle


MORAL MAN MORAL MAN DOES WHATEVER MORAL DONT SWINGS AROUND IN HIS WAY, COMPARED TO HIM YOU ARE ALL GAY WATCH OUT! Watch out for the worlds THIRD most pointless inventiooooooooon! Moral: I did warn you...

A book written in English about how to speak english ( the one reading it can't understand English, ya know! )

water resistant umbrella


Waterproof Kettle

Hmm... one day my kinder egg comment had 8 thumbs ups... and now 22 hours later it has at least four red thumbs? Pointless inventions: Haxxoring tools! There was one that kept thumbing my comments down the SECOND I posted them, below a picture! I mean how can someone give me 4 thumbs ups less than a second after I post a comment? Moral: You hiding behind your small tools (pun intended), know that your cheap tricks are useless against the truth... The voice that speaks in all human beings... and the few such as me that say them out loud... hide behind your tools, knowing you are no match for Moral Man!

a button that mutes people

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!