Fücking Trolls *cough* moral

A pillow made out of lead.

Popper Clops! (clops that pop your cloppers)

fn key on a mac.

Under water diving board.

Eight different brands of the same f*cking soda.

silent music documentaries (unless it's a music documentry about One Direction, then actually it would be a great invention)

a fork made out of rubber

Phlegm flavoured mucus and phlegm relieve medicine


modern art

UFC-themed anal douche kit.

left handed steering wheels.

transparent blindfold

finger nails

.01 inch binder. To keep that paper organized.

The thumbs down button.


I... And MY NAME.... IS THE MOST FUCKlNG THUMBED UP COMMENT ON HORSEHEAD NETWORK! friendly r*pist neighbourhood Moral Man: And what are you going to do about it? Thumb this down like the shemale you are? Shemale or not, I will r*pe you and your mother...Its not about the sex, its about the domination, prove that you ARE MY BlTCH! Moral Man: The only one that can destroy internet censors... Because Moral Man...

pointles machine that makes pointles machines that makes pointles machines that makes pointles machines thats pointless


Radio for the deaf

A #3 pencil.

Cat beds.

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!