unscented cologne

Inflatable anchor..

insurance companies

a small penis

chocolate toothpaste

We present our brand new Bacon taste and smell removal kit! For those of you that LOVE BACON but just cannot stand that horrible smell, or that horrible taste! Buy now and we include a BACON HEALTHY NUTRIENT REMOVAL KIT! Just push the strips trough the container, and BOOM PURE UNHEALTHY GREASE! Never feel left out just because you life in god old FAT America ever again! Moral: I eat bacon for breakfast every day, and I am lean, what the fuck is your excuse mr.America?

Taco Bell "money savers edition" Eh? El containo el real meato de burro hay hay hay! y el Chiguagua ay au au au mata no! No el Afraido of el tryo el meato de misterio! AYAYAYAYAY! Not even we knows who it is! Dog, Donkey, "accidental", fresh wild cat straight from the streets, what more can you wish for (with your salary eh? Know what I mean?) dog-crap for the children, they wont notice, its the same shit everyone gets at McDonalds anyways! I mean okay they serve horsecrap but whats the difference anyways? Morales: Chicken of the cave and chicken of the ground available at half price if you have watched a certain sequAl.

Rebecca Black.

Inflatable dartboard

mispel chekk fer mykrosoft werd

Toilet paper sheets that don't line up properly

Pointless Inventions

Sometimes an invention is so useless it's almost hilarious. Check out these pointless inventions and create your own!